Monday, 6 September 2010

My new Town Forest Lucky Hat!

Hey all!!! it's aXel!

Today, my owner decided to buy the new Town Forest Lucky Hat for me. It's in the Clothes Shop, in the Accessories section. You can check the Pet Society Blog for more inforations about this week's update!

It was a bit expensive and it cost Cash Coins, wich means my owner spent his real money on me, am I lucky or what??!

So, I wore this new hat immediatly after the purchase, and I knew what is the best outfit that suits with it.. A Scout Shirt, Chino Shorts, Mexican Brown Boots, and two Leather Bracelets.

Look how cute I am! The only reason I bought this hat is because now I can find as much as I want of the weekly treasures and I will be able to send some as gifts for my friends.

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