Saturday, 28 August 2010

My Serious conversation with aXel...

Hey all!!!

Today I opened this blog to start posting news about aXel, but he interrupted me ...

aXel: "What are you doing??"
Me: " Nothing, i'm just creating a new post in your blog to talk about what you think of the next week's items.."
aXel: "Let me get this straight, YOU'RE writing about what I think??"
Me: "Yeah, dude, am I doing anything wrong??"
aXel: "Ummm yeah, I think so, "dude".."
Me: "What's wrong?"
aXel: "What is written up here."
Me: "aXel's blog..."
aXel: "And... ?"
Me: "Where aXel share news, thoughts, and tips..."
aXel: "So.. ?"
Me: "So what? Can you just get to the point??"
aXel: "My point is, isn't it enough that you're controlling my whole life, forcing me to wear dresses, buying items that you want, visiting your friend's pets, and not my friend pets, and now you've created this blog for me, and you're the one using it??"
Me: "So, you mean you want to use this blog?"
aXel: "Yes, may I?"
Me: "Okay, fine, but I hate it when we have fights.."
aXel: "Me too.. Friends?"
Me: "Forever!!!!"

And I gave aXel the password and the right to update this blog anytime he wants, so, from now on, this blog is no longer for me, it's for aXel.


  1. absolutely love this post :) way to stand up for yourself aXel inspiring <3 Denise