Monday, 23 August 2010

Would you like flies with that?

Hey all!!!

Pet Society have been updated with all the new items in the stores, it's the Fast Food themed week! check the Pet Society Blog for more informations.

The first time aXel saw the blog on Thursday, he told me that it's not one of his favorite themes, that's why he decided to save some money for the next week.

Today, it's Monday, and now that the new items are available in the stores, aXel really liked that Red Kitchen Bundle, and since he had enough money, he bought it, and decided to build a new kitchen because his old kitchen is built with those Green Cottage items that are a little girly.

And since aXel collects the OWO items, he's definitely going to buy the Fast Food Takeaway, so he can buy Fast Food Fries, Fast Food Hamburger, Fast Food Soda whenever he likes.

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