Thursday, 16 September 2010

My Petlings!

Hey all!!!

Today, i'm going to introduce my family to you, I have 6 Petling that lives in my house, I love them! They're like my... EVERYTHING! And I can't imagine myself living without them..

These picture are old, but I promise you to take a new one with my 6 Petlings all fully grown ...

These are Mittens, Skittles, and Noodles (from left to right)

This picture was taken when Pickles was born.. He's my only Petling who had to eat a Green Petling Biscuit, because he was blue, just like Mittens...

This is Fluffers...

And my 6th Petling, Bubbles..

Family picture: (Sorry, this was the best I could do!)

From left to right: Fluffers - Pickles - Mittens - Noodles - Bubbles - Skittles.


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