Thursday, 9 September 2010

Eternal White Wings!

Hey all!!!

Today, something interresting happened to me! My owner was chatting with some of his friends in the Pet Society Forum, and he entered the Trading Forum and guess what?! He saw that the old Cash Coins items are now giftable! So he decided to buy for me the Eternal White Wings, they were on sale in Christmas 2009, but we weren't able to buy Cash Coins in our country, so we got really mad! But now, we've had a chance to buy them again so we did! We had to pay, (well, my owner had to pay) alot, but i'm just glad that now I have them...

A pair of Eternal White Wings with a Cupid Circlet make me look exactly like an Angel sent from Heaven, wich is a very good look for Christmas.

What do you think? Am I cute or what??!


  1. Found your blog on the PS forums...thought I'd check it out. I love the wings, glad you finally got them!

    P.S. Hope it is okay to add your blog link to mine? :)


  2. i don't mind at all.. feel free to add a link.. :)