Thursday, 4 November 2010

Spooky Collection + Goodbye Halloween!

Hey all!!!

In today's update, I would like to show you my spooky collection! I really like it! All four items were sent to me by one of my friends, and i'm really thankful..

The first item is the Spooky Piano. This item play music by itself, So I think it's pretty cool, but sometimes a bit creepy..

The second item is the Haunted Grandfather Clock. You'll notice each few seconds some scary faces showing inside of this clock, well, it's haunted, but I love it!

The third item is the Spooky Dinner For Two; It's a table, with two chairs.. But the scary thing is that when you sit on one chair, the drink will be served by itself, and, drunk by no one! Or perhaps an ghost, whatevere it is, it's driving me crazy!!

For the last but not least, The Spooky Fireplace. Ok, this is the most scary item, I first thought it's just a fireplace, but suddenly, I noticed a ghost, comming out of the mirror, I was like, Oh My God! What's that ?? But the ghost was just lighting up the candles, then, the ghost disappeared, and the candles were lightened down again by a small wind.. So, the ghost reappeared, and did the same thing, that's when I knew that this ghost is not here to hurt me, but to light up my red candles..

The best part is that, after owning this whole set, A matching room will appear in my house! It's very cool, and scary at the same time.. So I think that this will be the least visited room in my house, as there are ghosts lighting up candles, drinking that red thing that i'm not sure what it exactly is, playing on the piano, and a haunted clock! But I love it anyway!

Now that Halloween is over, I can put all my decoration in the attic, and will not see them until I go up there to bring my Christmas decortaions in December, i'm so exited for Christmas, aren't you ?!

The week that after Halloween Fall themed, you can check the Pet Society Blog for more informations!

Well, that was all I have for today's update!
See you all soon!

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